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Best things to jerk off with

Print Article AA You don't need to be broke to want to bang stuff found around your pad. If you're a dude all you need is a healthy dose of testosterone and curiosity - and maybe some lube. The men who saw the movie "American Pie" and later then went home to bang one for real are the types who are willing to experiment with pretty much anything into which their dicks can fit. As I'm sure many of you guys have already discovered, that means the majority of the contents of your refrigerator, cabinets and most of your personal belongings can be masturbatory tools.
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The Autoblow 2 is the most advanced form of wanking mankind has to offer. After this, we can only design robot arms with gentle-yet-firm jacking motions. And you know after the preliminary trials, the whole project is going to be set back when one goes haywire and yanks some volunteer's dick off with such force that it gets javelined across a room and embedded in a brick wall. This dimension is, of course, autonomy. You can read a damn book while this thing grinds your organ. You'll probably need to balance it between your thighs a little, or wedge it slightly between yourself and a pillow. But with only a little effort, you're doing your taxes, you're eating pudding, you're braiding your hair, whatever.
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Want to learn how to jack off? The best way is usually the one that simply feels the best, though some might look for a way to do it faster, or a way to be quieter, or even something that is more exciting than the typical sexual fun. Every method is different, just as every person is different.
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